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About Fossil Creek:

Fossil Creek is bordered by some of Arizona's most scenic wilderness. Artesian springs begin just west of Sycamore Canyon and west of the pine clad Mogollon Rim. Prehistoric fossils embedded in many of the area's rocks remind visitors of a fascinating world that existed long before today's civilization. The creek ends a few miles north of where the east fork of the Verde River makes its way through the Tonto National Forest.

Directions to Fossil Creek:
There are a number of ways to reach Fossil Creek. From Phoenix, you can head north on I-17 and take 260 west to Highway 87 (the Beeline Highway) which winds through the picturesque mountain town of Strawberry. Although the town is the jumping off point for Fossil Creek, you might want to linger a while in Strawberry for a slice of Americana.

If you are driving from Flagstaff, take the Lake Mary Road exit from I-17. This scenic drive wanders through the flower filled meadows and a string of dazzling blue lakes. This route is well worth the trip.

You can also get to Strawberry by taking Highway 87 from Fountain Hills through Payson. Once you reach the Strawberry market and Fossil Creek Trading Company, look for Forrest Road 708, which is labeled Fossil Creek Road.

A breathtaking set of switchbacks leads to the best "swimmin' hole" in Arizona. The creek is set amidst the cool shade of lush vegetation and is more than inviting on a warm summer day. You just might want to take a little time for a visit.

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