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About Fossil Creek: Wildlife

Because of the remoteness of the Fossil Springs Wilderness area and the perennial water at Fossil Springs, a wide variety of wildlife inhabits the area. Larger animals such as elk and deer can be found in the upper sections, and bear and lion roam throughout. Where particular parts of the canyon offer food and habitat, a variety of smaller animals can also be found. These include javalina, coyote, fox, ringtail, rabbits, squirrels, and everybody's favorite "perfumer" the skunk. Birds, from black hawks to owls and numerous smaller species may also be viewed. Fish species include the round-tailed chub, and possibly, the Gila topminnow, which is an endangered species.

A variety of reptiles and insects also inhabit the Wilderness area. Some of them can merely be a nuisance, while others could pose potential injuries. A repellent will help ward off the mosquito and gnats, but you need to keep in mind that scorpions and centipedes hide under objects and come out at night to hunt. Rattlesnakes, only one of the poisonous reptiles that can be found in the Wilderness, can create a greater danger for an animal induced injury. While it is rare to receive a bite, the possibility should not be ignored.


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